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is no longer just for the hippie at heart, it is adorning the necks, fingers and ears of all of the chic celebs, as well as the designer runways. Agate, quartz, crystal and other raw-cut rocks and gems can be worn to update any outfit with natural style. KVK Designs offers unique handcrafted Natural Stone Jewelry that is stylish, unique and combines the best of Semi precious Stone Jewelry with awe-inspiring designs that capture your own unique personality.

Our Gemstone Jewelry offers gorgeous bracelets,necklaces, earrings and rings. Each handcrafted gemstone piece of jewelry, has rich natural colors and a multitude of shapes and sizes, creating dazzling gemstone jewelry pieces that are works of art for your fingers, wrists, necks and ears. Natural stones are well received in many venues as it shows the wearer has a high regard for the natural beauty that comes from within.

Our Hematite Jewelry for both men and women includes shiny hematite rings in 6mm flat, dome and faceted and 3mm thin flat and dome hematite rings, hematite necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Hematite is used in many cultures around the world for its healing properties.

We have something to fit every taste and style. "Sumptuous colors in beautiful designs".

Thank you for letting us share the beauty of nature with you. ENJOY!!!

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