Natural Stone Jewelry with "Sumptuous colors in beautiful designs".

Chic Handcrafted Jewelry Designs by Yvette

Chic Handcrafted Jewelry Designs by Yvette

Yvette Jones is a leader in independent jewelry design. Her background in the arts is reminiscent in her jewelry through her flair for color, attention to detail, and craftsmanship.

Her fine handcrafted jewelry and their vibrant stones reflect her belief that stones link people spiritually across cultures. Sparkling rondelles, seed and glass beads, and semiprecious stones shape patterns and designs. Drawing from her paintings, sculptures and ceramics, Yvette’s jewelry is fresh and original.

Most recently published in Urban Latino Magazine with America’s Top Model winner Jaslene Gonzales wearing her hot pink wooden earrings with swarovski crystal rhinestones; her designs have appeared in Audrey Magazine, Accessories Magazine and The Crafts Report Magazine.

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